Criminal proceedings – Budapest, Hungary

Criminal proceedings are launched not only against habitual offenders. The rules of conduct of today’s society, reinforced with criminal law are so complicated and expansive that some of its prohibitions may be violated by any average person. Such a person may not necessarily know that in Hungary it is a crime to drive a car three quarters of an hour after drinking three or four pints of wine, to employ a 17 year-old for ten hours a day in the bar of a festival, or to enter without authorisation an area not open to spectators of a sports event.

If you face a criminal proceeding as an offender, the stakes are always high. If the act of violation is deemed a criminal act, its consequences may ruin our existence, even our entire life. This is because in a criminal proceeding, the convict may lose his freedom or his most valuable assets. It is a significant disadvantage for many people if a criminal proceeding is launched against them, or if they may not drive for two years due to a judgement of the criminal court, or if they might lose the managerial position in the Ltd. of the family.

What is more, the suspect is always facing a state apparatus several thousands strong, one which has many tools at its disposal during the criminal proceedings, including the monitoring of conversations of and the apprehension of suspects of crimes and even their relatives. The defence counsel is meant to redress this dominance of power in the criminal proceedings.

If you are going to be interrogated as a witness or a suspect in a criminal proceeding, use by all means the help you can get from a defence counsel well versed in criminal law. Just like when having even a slight illness, we turn to a medical doctor for efficient help, we should never be too greedy about the money and time for getting help from a professional, the defence counsel in the criminal proceedings against us. In such instances we should never be left alone in the maze of paragraphs.

The criminal defenders of our office provide full defence services to anyone involved in criminal proceedings due to one reason or another, whether (s)he is an aggrieved person, a criminal defendant (suspect or accused) or another participant in the proceedings. It is important that a criminal proceeding does not start with the trial hearing, it is, therefore, practical to take care of professional defence as early as possible so that a defence strategy may be worked out right after the start of the proceeding, with the help of a defence counsel. The counsel of our office act on behalf of our clients with utmost care and professional experience.

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