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To sustain co-existence in society, it is necessary to have rules of conduct which guarantee the life, bodily integrity, liberty and assets of individuals as well as public order and public safety. One of the most ancient methods of compelling people to abide by the rules of conduct serving the harmonious balancing of diverse interests is that the state threatens the violation of such rules with punishment, i.e. it creates criminal law.

Criminal law is as old as the history of mankind. A salient example of this that even the Book of Creation starts with the original sin, and the story of Cain and Abel. Today, if we switch on our TV or open a news portal, the news are flooded with criminal law categories (murder, genocide, corruption, mass casualties, damaging the natural environment, battery of a public official, coercing a confession). You can not escape (you may not even want to) by reading a work of literature (even if it is not Crime and Punishment) or watching a film; their stories, too, are spun around criminal law concepts like murder, reprisal, revenge, people trafficking, sexual exploitation, incest, etc.

Only a small portion of criminal law norms may be regarded simple, the interpretation of laws is, in many instances, of such complexity that, apart from defence counsel, even courts are of different opinions. It is disputed wether it is a criminal act to kiss an 11 year-old girl on the mouth; whether it is theft to connect to the wifi network of someone else; whether it is forging public records to register at an address where the registrant does not, in fact, dwell. Taking a position on individual issues is further hampered by frequent changes of criminal laws, due to which our earlier knowledge, believed to be certain, becomes dated. On basis of the new Criminal Code, for instance, a lower blood alcohol level is sufficient for drunk driving, refusing to make a witness statement has become a crime, accepting gratuity is deemed bribery in several cases. At the same time, we have more liberty to shoot a thief climbing into our garden, whereas children may be criminally responsible from a lower age. With attention to this, if you wish to gain reliable information of the criminal law consequences of your (intended) conduct, it is worth talking to an expert, i.e. a defence counsel.

Our office provides full defence services to anyone involved in criminal proceedings büntetőeljárás due to one reason or another, whether (s)he is an aggrieved person, a criminal defendant (suspect or accused) or another participant in the proceedings. It is important that a criminal proceeding does not start with the trial hearing, it is, therefore, practical to take care of professional defence as early as possible so that a defence strategy may be worked out right after the start of the proceeding, with the help of a defence counsel. The counsel of our office act on behalf of our clients with utmost care and professional experience.

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